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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs maximize the community integration of our individuals and enable them to be successful and satisfied in the environment of their choice by working together to develop useful rehabilitation goals. The services are for adults and adolescents with serious and persistent mental illness. Trained psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners provide services, and the services are in conjunction with outpatient therapy and require a referral from a licensed mental health professional.

What PRP’s Provide:

  • Rehabilitation Readiness Assessments - which carefully looks at the individual’s capacity to make important choices in their lives such as where to live, work or go to school. If skills or resources are needed the staff is qualified to teach or provide them.
  • Basic Rehabilitation Readiness Assessments - provided when an individual is having difficulties in adjusting to his/her current situations. Staff will assist with developing rehabilitation strategies and teaching certain skills that can be used in the environment of choice.
  • Enrichment/Support - provided to the individual to prevent re- hospitalization and crises. Such activities as leisure groups, community involvement and one-on-one support are provided to achieve this goal.
  • Case Management - a service which helps the member to obtain entitlements and other community resources. This service is given when at least one other service is provided.
  • Skill Building - helps individuals navigate challenging situations successfully.

Substance Abuse Professional DOT Assessments

What is a SAP evaluation and when is it required?

A comprehensive assessment and clinical evaluation of an employee who works under the umbrella of the Department of Transportation in a safety sensitive position and who tested positive at work for alcohol or drugs. The assessment will also include recommendations.
  • Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy: Family therapy, also referred to as couples therapy, marriage and family therapy, and family counseling, is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and positive development.
  • Training/Support Groups: Some may want to take their desire for change to the next step by sharing with and learning from other individuals who are in similar situations that may be able to offer support by sharing what has worked for them. Trainings are designed for those who want to enhance the skills that they’ve already learned in an individual or family therapy session.

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