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616 Old Edmonson Ave. Catonsville MD 21228

About Us


Mind Over Matter Health Services, Inc is a full-service mental health organization that focuses on helping individuals find their optimum health through healthy thinking, healthy eating, love, wellness education, general education and disease prevention. Our services are for all that reach out for help.

  • Customized programs designed to complement, support and strengthen our patients' mental health.
  • We employ carefully screened and qualified clinicians and staff members that emphasis care and excellence in their profession.
  • We are based in the state of Maryland with an office in Catonsville and Clinton
  • We currently accept Maryland Medicaid. Private pay fees are available upon request. Sliding scale fees are available for qualifying individuals.

Optimum Health

  • Healthy Thinking: The word “can’t should never be in your vocabulary when referencing your abilities. We strive to change faulty thinking by getting to the core of the distress.
  • Healthy Eating: Besides it being a no-brainer that what we put in our bodies may in some way affect what our bodies produce, many studies have shown a direct link between nutrient deficiencies playing a major role in poor mental health.
  • Wellness Education: What you learn in the therapy session should be continued at home and in other environments in which you spend your time. Our goal is to help you change your lifestyle to a more fulfilling one-whatever that looks like to you.
  • Love: We provide our services in an atmosphere that feels good from the time you walk through our doors. Our clinicians and support staff are carefully screened with our “love” meter. We encourage family or a loved one to participate in the healing process and we ask of you that you come into our facilities with love in your heart or at least a desire to have love in your heart. Our aim is to Spread Love and Share Love.
  • Education: We provide educational trainings, workshops and seminars to address the life situations that may contribute to your uneasiness or stress (i.e. Balancing Work and Family, Q&A When Considering Bankruptcy, Budgeting, etc). We also incorporate education through strategic skill building for handling life situations on a daily basis.
  • Disease Prevention: Your mental health can directly affect your physical health and vice versa. We are committed to providing health education and awareness by promoting and empowering individuals and our communities to engage in healthy behaviors, and make changes that reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and other morbidities.

Core Human Basic Needs

  • Love: The feeling of love is one that keeps us sane and connected to other human beings. Love transcends all bounds and remains the same across cultures and languages.
  • Security: feeling safe and knowing that your person, your loved ones and belongings are safe brings a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Feeling safe and secure with your environment and with your life is paramount.
  • Confidence: There’s nothing like going into a situation prepared and knowing that you’re about to perform at the top of your game- life situations happen that may make us second guess ourselves or our value. Having confidence, not to be confused with arrogance, is needed to be successful in life
  • Shelter: Getting or keeping a roof over our heads is a feat that some take for granted. And it’s not just about any shelter that’s important- human beings must feel comfortable in the shelter in which they live and raise families in.
  • Nutrition: Literally, you are what you eat. What we put in our bodies affect what we get from our bodies. Proper nutrition is extremely important for physical, mental and overall good health.

Call us: (443) 405-1095 or ( 301) 868-0849

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