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Clinicians & Professional Services

Help for Helpers

Help for Helpers is a therapeutic service designed to provide support, empathy and effective self-care strategies for Health Care Professionals. As service providers, we often attend to our clients’ health, but lag behind on our own health. Our dedication to the needs of the clients we serve can be challenging and stressful especially when combined with our own personal or family challenges.

When we are focused on caring for others, it can be difficult to recognize our own struggles and to maintain a proper balance between career, home and ourselves. Prioritizing our own health and happiness is vital to optimal well-being. Thus, we need to make time for exercise, relaxation, healthy eating, positive family and friends, and a healthy social life.

Help for the Helper is designed to help you reduce and eventually eliminate job stressors, improve relationships, build effective problem-solving strategies and incorporate effective self-care. Therapy sessions will guide you to access resources that bring peace, inner strength, and happiness to your life, and in turn, to the clients you serve.

Help for the Helper offers support for:

  • Work stress and burnout
  • Mood or anxiety difficulties
  • Compassion fatigue or over-investment
  • Secondary traumatization/countertransference
  • Interpersonal conflicts/relationship problems
  • Career decisions or life transitions
  • Accessing spiritual resources/mindfulness
  • Personal growth/cultivating self-awareness
  • Building self-care strategies and balance
  • Ethical decision making

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) - FTS Academy

FTS Academy is the training department of Forward Thinking Strategies, a think tank servicing those in academia and practice for over 10 years. Our extensive knowledge of the field and years of experience as professional trainers has allowed us the opportunity to not only “train the trainers”, but also to develop specific continuing education curriculums designed with you- the professional in mind. We are dedicated to assisting you in furthering your knowledge base in this profession.

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